My Story

My Story

“You will develop cervical cancer…that is, if you haven’t already.” Those were the words spoken to me by my doctor when he revealed my biopsy results on July 1, 2013. An instantaneous feeling of fear overcame me. The word cancer is a big deal. Pain, anger, sadness, hopelessness and death are what generally follow a diagnosis of cancer. I’ll pass! The truth is, no one wants cancer.

This little kick to my butt has spurred within me a fight. My journey will be different from most because I have chosen to take a positive, natural and holistic approach to healing.

Here’s the deal: Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies. It’s the diagnosis of cancer that is feared. What is a diagnosis of cancer? It is the point your body reaches when it is no longer able to find these abnormal cells, realize they’re foreign, and kill them. They are growing and possibly spreading to different areas of your body.

I’m sure it might be a strange thing to hear that I love my cancer. I love my cancer because my abnormal cells are a part of my body and it is something that I will always have. To love my abnormal cells means I won’t let it become destructive to itself or me by continuing to spread. If I ignore it, upset it with treatments that only do more harm to my body or feed them sugar then it will only be more destructive. Turning hate into love for my own cancer cells was the best decision for my health. Not only do suppressed emotions lead to a suppressed immune system but also continually being stressed, negative, and upset will allow cancer to thrive.

 I hope that by sharing my story, others will be encouraged to discover their own path to healing.

This is My Story…

2010   My journey began when I had my first abnormal pap smear. I was 20 years old and confused with what it all meant. The doctor wanted to wait and see if my low-grade cervical dysplasia would heal on its own. She told me to try to start adding more vegetables to my diet because it might be beneficial.


2012   Another abnormal pap occurred this year and this time it was a little more severe. My doctor strongly suggested I come in for the cryosurgery treatment to freeze the abnormal cells. Yet, something felt wrong when I received this phone call and here’s why:

  • Very impersonal. The doctor didn’t have the time to call me but instead had her nurse inform me.
  • Mass treatments. The doctor dedicates a full day for administering this “treatment” on more than one woman so it wouldn’t take place until the following month. This made me feel like I was part of a herd of cattle and my condition must not be that serious if treatment isn’t needed right away.
  • No HPV or hormone testing. Why wasn’t a HPV test administered or at least offered to find out if that was the cause? Not every case of cervical dysplasia is caused by the HPV virus.
  • Not treating the cause. Freezing the abnormal cells would be painful and doesn’t solve what was causing the problem, which I was unaware of at that time since no HPV or hormone testing was done. It seems the most logical way to treat an illness is to solve the initial problem.

I started to do my own research on the Internet to find answers. All of the information I found was confusing and sometimes conflicting. There were multiple blogs, naturopathic websites and books that I gathered information from. It was so overwhelming that it only started to cause more stress. I started eating more vegetables and fruits but definitely not enough. Like many other people, I didn’t grow up eating healthy meals on a regular basis. It was my parent’s fault as the food pyramid encouraged less fat and more carbs. I didn’t know how to prepare these meals and it felt like there was no time to do it, if I could even afford such a healthy diet. I gave up trying and just stuck with my occasional green smoothies.



July: More than a year passes by and finally went back for another pap smear. At this point, I was expecting the same results. I found out a week later that I was right about my results still being abnormal and this time they came back borderline cancer at a CIN3 diagnosis. There was a deeper area he could not biopsy and could possibly already be cervical cancer. My new gynecologist told me he would need to perform a LEEP procedure immediately. I asked the success rates of him performing this procedure and how many of his patients were still able to have children. These questions were obviously a nuisance to him as he replied that all of the women who were still his patients after the procedure didn’t have a problem. I didn’t dare ask why the other ones didn’t return. What bothered me the most was he had no data to back anything he said.

My diagnosis of CIN3 was the motivation that I needed to make a change. I immediately dove deep into research regarding why my body wasn’t fighting off the abnormal growth of cells. I made a huge shift in my diet and starting taking supplements to boost my immune system.

November: Three months later on my new diet and my CIN3 reversed back two stages to a low-grade dysplasia. I found a naturopathic doctor in Scottsdale, AZ, that specialized in treating Cervical Dysplasia. My parents wanted me to have some sort of treatment done as I had finally opened up to them about what I was going through in October. Before Dr. Hansen could start treating me with the escharotics, he had to give me another pap smear to see what stage I was at. It was this pap that showed my cervical dysplasia was back to CIN1. This was great news because it proved to me that my diet really does affect whether my body can fight off the growth of abnormal cells.


2014   After a few months of receiving the escharotics treatments, my pap smear came back the same. I was still at a low grade cervical dysplasia, CIN1. I felt defeated and fell back into my routine of unhealthy eating.


2015  October: My mother was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4. She was given 2 – 5 months to live. I moved back home to become her full-time caretaker. We researched and implemented numerous alternative forms of holistic treatment for her brain cancer including the Ketogenic Diet and Cannabis Oil.



September: My mother passed away from the brain cancer.

December: My cervical biopsy revealed that I had finally healed from my cervical dysplasia. It was my mother who encouraged me to seek another holistic doctor for treatment a few months before she passed away. I will write another blog post on exactly what I did to heal completely.




13 thoughts on “My Story”

  • That’s a very powerful timeline.

    I admire your courage in sharing your story with the world. I knew you were fighting strong, but I never knew the extent of your fight until now. I also knew there was good news, but I didn’t know the extent of it until now.

    Your story will help many, many other people all across the world.

    I also have to say, this is a very bold domain name!

    Much love from Los Angeles.

  • God Bless you Mary!!! I love you and want you to take care of your self. You are a very brave and strong girl/lady!! Grandma.

  • Mary, your blog is truly touching and amaizimg. Not only does it tell a journey but it gives hope and shows courage. I know your the strongest person I know. I love you!!!

  • I love you Mary and I’m sorry I haven’t been very close with you lately! But your strength is inspiring me and I’m always here for love, support, encouragement and always a good laugh! Keep you head of pretty girl! You can do it!!!

  • Mary, thank you for sharing your story and for being the beautiful young woman that I admire and love dearly! I experienced the same condition once in 2004 which I immediately followed the doctor’s orders and had painful laser surgery. Then in 2006 more cells were present and I had a different type of surgery which involved cutting and removal of the cells; also very painful and I am now left with complications from both surgeries that I will have to live with on a permanent basis. I did not hesitate to follow the doctor’s orders because of fear and I am a reactive person so I acted immediately even though something inside was telling me different. I hope others will read my story and then make the choice to follow you because I wish I had taken the time and effort to investigate like you. There have been others times that you have inspired me in different situations and I would trust and value your opinions and suggestions without hesitation and I pray that others will read your story and follow in your direction.
    I love how our “family” group have all taken on the quest for better health and have encouraged each other to change our eating habits and add the juicing and/or eating the proper foods to ward off the dangerous cells. For me personally I am anxious to un-suppress my immune system and get back to enjoying the life I once knew and miss greatly! Thank you for this site and thank you for fighting the fight; you are a blessing to me and I pray for whatever you need to continue on with your journey! Love, Pat

  • I commend you on sharing your personal story. I found out that I had HPV (high risk) last year and my world came crashing down. My body went into panic mode upon finding the news and I was feeling so sick over it. I had no peace and I wasted too much of my days crying over it and obsessing over the news. Through time I learned that my immune system could clear this with time. Just as you, I have been adding more veggies to me as I am already a vegetarian. I have my green shakes in the morning with a handful of spinach, almond milk, banana, and berries. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I have promised myself to shift my thinking and to dedicate my life to the best diet, lifestyle, peace, and joy. xo

  • I know of a woman who had breast cancer- stage 3, did not wanyytt to go through chemo & radiation. She quit her job, divorced her husband, changed her diet, spent time in meditation where her friends all over would send her healing light and she kicked it. Not sure bow often or long her healing sessions were… But – No more cancer. I don’t know if she said- I love my cancer. I think it was more like- I love my healthy body. I get your point though. However, I do have to say fuckcancer for many I know who have died too young & suffer too much. Thank you for your positive look.

  • I love the fact that you are using positivy and a positive message to heal. We as human beings are creators of our own illnesses, but as creators we also have the ability create solutions to solve our problems. You have done exactly that! You are an inspiration to many and I admire your strength. Through a positive message and thought you are helping others overcome many fears and challenges they face in their own lives. You may not think it all the time but you are an inspiration to many. Stay strong, stay positive and love! My motto is fuel your mind, fuel your body. I believe that what your mind can believe it can achieve and you are a fine example of what a well working, brilliant mind can achieve!

  • I just stumbled across your blog, and I’m so happy I did! I was diagnosed today with CIN 3 and Im planning on healing myself naturally. Thank you, and best of luck to you on your journey!

  • Found a link to your site by a search on Tulsi tea and love the info that you’ve shared so far! It will definitely be of help to people out there struggling with this…I am actually on my own immune boosting journey as well for the same reason…I’ve tried a number of things…please keep us posted of your current situation! Sending much love and good vibes 🙂

  • I am so grateful to have come across your Instagram, and then your blog.

    My story is similar, I received my first (high-grade squamous intrepithelial lesion, as it is referred to in Canada) Nurse practitioner seemed in a panic to refer me immediately for the colposcopy(biopsy). I did spend an entire evening distraught over the news. I finally had it by 6:30pm, April 20. My family and I were in our way to a birthday, I decided to follow our old First Nations teachings, and take the brave cold dunk in the river, as a cleanse. It cleared me of the despair I felt. The hopelessness. The next day, I made sure to ask for guidance from my spirits, creator, and higher mind. My body wouldn’t take my usual 8oz of coffee, all I wanted was green tea.

    Pursing a natropathic route asap! Thank you! And much love, and healing to you.<3

  • I really admire your courage and determination to fight cancer. I am a newly dig nosed patient with GIST(gastrointestinal stromatolites tumor). Dr. Prescribed oral chemo. I want to do natural treatment and diet changes. Your blog will give me courage to fight this disease.
    Thanks. Keep up the good work.


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